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As a registered nurse and clinical manager for more than 20 years, Deborahlee Stobart often wondered why the gowns she gave hospital patients lacked comfort and were so undignified. ‘Those old-fashioned hospital gowns were designed in 1904 and have been in use ever since,” she says. “I wanted to change that.”

So a few years ago she began developing a line of hospital gowns that are more patient friendly than the old-fashioned type and whose design accommodates busy doctors and clinicians when examining patients.

Deborahlee’s “Cozy Cure” gown – designed for kids – has snap-off, snap-on buttons down both arms, down the front, and in back. Her company, Deelee Enterprise, LLC, sells “Cozy Cure” gowns to hospitals and health centers across the US, and is now developing a similar version for adult patients.

“Cozy Cure” gowns are a lightweight blend of cotton and polyester. Deelee Enterprise plans to launch a line of seersucker gowns in January 2017. “’Cozy Cure’ gowns are compatible with advancing technology,” Deborahlee says. “They are durable so that hospitals can save money with repeat uses after washing, and they provide easy access for clinicians to examine patients. They are also are colorful, stylish, and comfortable.”

“Patients like ‘Cozy Care’ gowns better than the old-fashioned kind,” she says.

Deborahlee Stobart

Deborahlee Stobart
CEO of Deelee Enterprise, LLC

“Corridor 55 is one reason why my company has no debt. . . .The rent is very inexpensive and the amenities are terrific. As a startup company, I never could have afforded an office space like this. It works very well for us.”

With pride, Deborahlee says, “All products sold by Deelee Enterprise are made in the USA. We own and license proprietary products with patents and trademarks pending, and our product quality assurance and quality control standards meet or exceed all relevant requirements and standards.”

“Our mission is to develop positive relationships in the healthcare field with honesty, integrity, and innovative, high quality products. We are committed to outstanding customer care and customer service. I have been fortunate to surround myself with a team of highly educated and dedicated people – I could never make it work without them!”

Deborahlee earned degrees in Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research, and Clinical Nursing from New York University. In her 22-year nursing career, she worked at healthcare centers and hospitals in greater St. Louis.

When she founded Deelee Enterprise, LLC in 2014, she established its headquarters at Corridor 55, the high quality, low-cost, coworking space managed by the City of Arnold at 112 Richardson Crossing.

Deborahlee Stobart

Cozy Cure Hospital Gown
for Children

2017 Seersucker Cozy Cure Hospital Gown

2017 Seersucker Cozy Cure
Hospital Gown 
for Children

“Corridor 55 is a blessing.” Deborahlee says.

As a new Corridor 55 tenant, she began by renting a dedicated office plus a mini-office. “My business started to take off,” she says. Today Deborahlee’s company rents two dedicated offices at Corridor 55 – one for herself plus one for marketing and fulfillment operations.

“Corridor 55 is one reason why my company has no debt,” she says. “The rent is very inexpensive and the amenities are terrific. As a startup company, I never could have afforded an office space like this. It works very well for us.”

Deelee Enterprise has five employees – one who works with her at Corridor 55 and four that work at home. They include marketers, a pattern seamstress, and a sample maker. They often meet at Corridor 55 for company education and training sessions, and marketing meetings.

“Corridor 55 works out great for our meetings,” Deborahlee says. In addition to two private offices, the company has 24/7 access to shared workspace, fast, secure internet and Wi-Fi services, unlimited kitchenette privileges, printing, mail services, plus access to a modern conference room and classroom.

What’s next for Deelee Enterprise, LLC? “We are very excited about the launch of our new product line in 2017, and our plans for growth.”

For more details about Deelee Enterprise, LLC and its products, visit its website.

For details or to tour Corridor 55, call 636-296-2100 or visit our Corridor 55 web page here.