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Shane Saunders of Saunders Insurance Solutions at Arnold’s Corridor 55 coworking space is a successful healthcare insurance broker who says, “There are a lot of things I like about Corridor 55.”

“My favorite aspect is the conference room that I use to meet with clients and to conduct webinars for my agents and clients across the country. It’s fully equipped and modern, very professional looking, and much less costly than if I were at another office location.”

“We offer health, life, dental, accident, cancer and critical illness insurance for individuals, families and businesses,” says Shane. “Health insurance plans are not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why we have access to many different insurance carriers across the country.”

“I personally represent clients in more than 15 states and have agents around the nation. We are definitely not a one-size-fits-all operation – I have a love for problem-solving personally and professionally.”

Shane & Kari Saunders Family

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“People need help navigating new programs and regulations in the constantly changing healthcare industry, and that’s what we provide.”

Shane earned a bachelor’s degree with a focus in elementary education and teaching from the University of Texas-San Antonio, and a master of arts in Christian education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is the married father of two daughters. Shane and his wife Kari have been married since 2003 and these days are often busy with after-school and church activities with their daughters.

In business, “I take the time to truly understand our clients’ unique situations by asking the right questions and carefully listening to their answers to identify their needs and goals,” Shane says. “We go out of our way to match insurance plans to our clients’ needs and budgets by finding the healthcare insurance coverage solution that is the best fit.”

As a Corridor 55 tenant with a dedicated office, Shane and Kari have 24/7 access to the shared workspace, fast, secure internet and wi-fi services, unlimited kitchenette privileges, printing, mail services, plus unlimited use of the conference room at no extra charge.

The conference room with presentation equipment seats up to 8 people, and the classroom seats up to 14 people. A free parking lot for Corridor 55 members is located directly in front of the building.

“We are busy and on the go every day,” says Shane. “The convenience and affordability of Corridor 55 provide positive advantages for our company and suit our business needs.”

To reach Shane & Kari Saunders, call 636-287-9369, or visit their website.