City of Arnold Emergency Management Monitoring Meramec River

Flood Management 5-2-19

The City of Arnold Emergency Management is closely monitoring the Meramec River.

According to predictions from the National Weather Service and USGS information, the Meramec River will crest on May 6, 2019 at 39.9 feet.

We have looked at a lot of information and learned from previous history of flooding in the City of Arnold. At 39 feet, there are no residences directly affected by floodwater. Water may reach into yards, but still a safe distance from homes. We will continue to monitor the river and provide updated information as needed. If you are in any danger, call 911 or 636-296-2222 and request assistance. Do not call these numbers for sand, etc as these numbers are for emergencies. Again, we will be monitoring the river and determinewhen and if sand is needed. We will notify the City of Arnold Public Works for the areas that may be impacted.

Please like the City of Arnold Facebook page to keep up with the information, or you can view information on the City of Arnold website.

If you would like to view information about the Meramec River or surrounding rivers, go to and click on the rivers/lakes tab.

If you would like to see how the Meramec River may affect the Arnold area or how close the water may be to your residence, use the flood inundation mapper:

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