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Deck construction

The City of Arnold requires that any structure built, sold, or rented must comply with IBC International Building Code 2009 using local modifications.

Thus the City of Arnold requires residents and businesses to obtain a permit for the structural improvements listed under “Permit Requirement Downloads” below prior to beginning any of these projects.

A fee is required for this permitting, and is due at the time of application.

The City performs a comprehensive property maintenance inspection of exterior property and premises, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment, fire and life safety aspects, fundamental light, ventilation and occupant needs and general sanitation.

A Certificate of Compliance is issued when the structure passes inspection, which is good for 6 months or until a change of occupancy occurs.

Download the City of Arnold Permit Requirements below that apply to your desired structural improvement project.

See our FAQs below or use our Please Contact Me form to have your specific structural improvement project questions answered.


A permit is required if the shed is over 200 square feet. Further, if the shed is over 120 square feet a permit is not required but it does have to meet the setbacks from the property line. Most often the setbacks are 15 feet from the rear, and 8 feet from the side property lines.
The fee is based on the cost of construction. The fee is due at the time of application and plan submittal.
If the exposed face of the wall is over 3 feet in height a permit is required.
Yes, new codes have been adopted since the old deck was built and the distance to property lines (setbacks) may not be correct for the old deck.
Yes. Anyone that does work in the City of Arnold needs to apply for a business license with our City Clerk’s office. There is an application fee, and you will be required to show proof of insurance. If you are an electrician, plumber or drain layer, you will also need to get a specialty license with the City. This would require an application, a copy of an existing license, a fee, and a $5,000 surety bond to the City of Arnold.
We can direct you to the proper FEMA map to identify your property. We will provide additional amendments or revisions that are not represented on the FEMA map. If you need to make any applications with FEMA, we’ll direct you to the appropriate applications and private agencies to assist you.
An existing structure inspection is required if a house is to be sold or a new tenant is moving in. There is an application to fill out and a $50.00 fee.
Yes. Anytime a new resident or tenant moves into a property, an occupancy permit is required. There is no fee for an occupancy permit.