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Committed volunteers play an important part in shaping Arnold’s future. Commission members assist the Board of Aldermen and Administration in developing policies and services, which reflect the needs and values of the entire Arnold community. As a member of a City commission or board, you serve as a respected community adviser to the Board of Aldermen and Administration.

While volunteer involvement requires time and effort, it also provides an opportunity for genuine public service. In addition, you gain knowledge about the role of City government and its day-to-day operations.

If you’re interested in joining other Arnold citizens in serving as volunteer commission members, please complete a Commission Volunteer Interest Sheet by clicking on the volunteer form to fill out the online registration form.

Due to terms and other board requirements, there may not be a current opening on your desired board. However, your interest sheet and profile will be submitted to the Mayor for review and, if an opportunity is not immediately available, it will be placed on file for future consideration, as well.
Questions about the purpose of, or volunteer commitment required for any of the commissions may be directed to Mary Ellen Cox, Administrative Assistant, or 636-282-2383.