Code Violation Reporting System

Code Violation Reporting System 2019-05-15T09:32:36-06:00

The City of Arnold promotes safe and desirable neighborhoods for all members in our community by investigating reports of specific code violations.

Building & Code Compliance Division staff members will investigate all reports, but gives priority to those where public safety and health are at risk.

Many general complaints can often be resolved, and intervention from City authorities avoided, when neighbors communicate their concerns respectfully and work positively together to resolve issues as “good neighbors.” In order to avoid disputes, we encourage every Arnold citizen to consider how their behavior may affect others. However, if you wish to bring a noticeable code violation to the City’s attention, use this link:


You may also call the Code Compliance Hotline at 636-282-6625.

For any life-safety emergency or imminent threat, call 911 for Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Service.

The City will not act to enforce homeowners’ association (HOA) rules, settle civil disputes or personal grievances between private parties, nor will the City become involved in eviction proceedings. Complaints or concerns regarding parking in the street or noise should be directed to the Arnold Police Department at 636-296-3204.

Please be advised that City Inspectors may not enter private property without permission or search warrant, and may only view the property from the street or sidewalk. If the backyard of the property is fenced, an inspector may not lift a camera over the fence or take a picture through a hole in the fence to view or document any violations. However, if a neighbor (such as the one who has reported the complaint) has a deck or a second story overlooking the alleged violation, an inspector may view the alleged violation from those locations with the neighbor’s permission.

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