Construction Permits

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The City of Arnold requires construction permits for both commercial and residential structures.

Commercial Minimum Permit Requirements & Fees
Residential Minimum Permit Requirements

Construction permit applications should be submitted approximately two weeks prior to your anticipated start date. The Building Department endeavors to process all applications within one (1) business week; however, due to seasonal and cyclic circumstances, the turnaround time can vary.

The complexity and size of the work also factors in the turn-around time as well as completeness and correctness of the initial application and plans. Our goal is always to process all applications for permit as quickly and fairly as possible.

All permits involving multiple disciplines are processed as a consolidated permit. Single discipline permits are processed as are consolidated permits, in the order they are received.

The Department does not offer a fast track type of permitting process. However, for single-family dwellings in newly established subdivisions a master plan system is available and aids in reducing review and issuance time.

Construction permit applications may be submitted and concurrently reviewed while the Planning staff is conducting the land use and site plan reviews and approvals.

Construction retail business

Current Codes

2015 International Building Code
2015 International Residential Code
2015 International Plumbing Code
2015 International Mechanical Code
2015 International Property Maintenance Code
2014 National Electrical Code

The permit fees are determined by the cost of construction, whether residential or commercial, and the number of disciplines in the permit. Staff is always pleased to assist you in determination of the permit fee, use our Please Contact Me form for assistance.

More information specifically related to residential and business is provided in the sidebar page links at right.

Licensed Contractors

Licensed contractors must perform all work requiring permit. An exception to licensing is provided for homeowners working on their place of residence. All contractors must obtain a Business License from the City Clerk. Further, electricians, plumbers, and drain layers must also obtain a trade license from this Department.

Architect and engineer designs and seals are required in accordance with the State of Missouri Chapter 327 RSMo and rules of the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects.

Property Maintenance Inspections

A property maintenance inspection of the existing structure(s) must be conducted and passed by the City of Arnold Building Department  any time the property changes ownership or occupancy. Inspection of existing structures is scheduled by appointment only after submission of an Inspection Application.

Submit a City of Arnold Property Maintenance Inspection Application, along with the appropriate inspection fee payment, to receive (1) an initial inspection, (2) one re-inspection to check for corrections of discrepancies and violations found on the initial inspection, and (3) the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate of Compliance is required in order to apply for an Occupancy Permit.