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Property Maintenance Inspections, Occupancy Permits & Vacant Structure Registration

Property Maintenance Inspections and Occupancy Permits

It is unlawful for owner of any structure to sell, transfer, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of the structure or any part thereof to another until having secured a Certificate of Compliance for the entire structure and premises and having advised the grantee or lessee that they must secure an occupancy permit if they are to occupy the premises. For existing duplexes, multi-family structures, and individual units within non-residential structures, the Certificate of Compliance shall only be required for the interior of the individual or tenant space and the entire exterior of the structure and premises.

In order to gain a Certificate of Compliance, the structure and premises must first undergo a Property Maintenance Inspection performed by the City of Arnold Building Department. The setting of an inspection appointment will occur with application and fee (Residential = $50, Commercial = $75) submittal.

The City performs a comprehensive property maintenance inspection of exterior property, the premises, the plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, fire and life safety aspects, fundamental light, ventilation and occupant needs, and general sanitation based upon adopted codes. Such codes include, but are not limited to the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (as amended locally) and Code of Ordinances Chapters 220 (General Nuisances), 225 (Health & Sanitation), 405 (Zoning), and 415 (Signs).

If the structure and premises pass the inspection, the City will issue a Certificate of Compliance. A Certificate of Compliance is valid until the sooner of either six (6) months or a change of occupancy. If the property and structure fails the inspection, an appointment will be set for a re-inspection to verify satisfactory correction of the identified deficiencies. Any necessary inspections beyond the initial inspection and re-inspection may result in additional fees. Additionally, the owner or their authorized agent must notify the buyer or tenant of the need for an Occupancy Permit.

While there is no additional fee involved, a Certificate of Compliance is required in order to apply for an Occupancy Permit. Under rare circumstances, where there are no life safety concerns as determined by the Building Commissioner, the granting of temporary occupancy prior to the correction of identified deficiencies may occur as authorized in Section 500.090(F) of the Code of Ordinances. Be advised that such temporary authorizations may require the posting of a cash escrow in an amount not less than one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the approved cost estimate for the remaining work.

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Vacant Structure Registration

As detailed in the Code of Ordinances, whenever a structure is vacant for a period of six (6) months, registration (and registration renewal) of the structure is required to ensure such structures satisfy and continue to satisfy property maintenance requirements or undergo rehabilitation or demolition in a prompt manner.


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