Arnold’s Parks & Golf Clubhouse Changing for the Better

Expansions, improvements, and new additions to Arnold’s outdoor recreation facilities are changing the City’s landscape for family fun.

The City’s challenging 18-hole public golf course has a new name – Arnold Golf Club – plus a renovated clubhouse with many new features upstairs and downstairs.

The Arnold Farmers Market has added a new Arnold Jaycees Pavilion to provide expanded space for vendors to display their wares and, ultimately, for family events on days when the market isn’t open. The covered pavilion measures 32 ft x 42 ft.

A new 2 ½ acre Dog Park that is being established in Ferd B. Lang Park will have separate fenced areas for large and small dogs to play and run. That’s in addition to the fenced “Paw Park” that already exists inside Arnold City Park.

Arnold’s new, state-of-the art Archery Park will feature 10 regulation targets and 5 shooting lanes from 10 to 50 yards in length when it opens for organized competitive events, practice sessions, schools, and families. It’s located near the corner of Telegraph and Lower Tenbrook Road.

Archery Park, Dog Park, and the Jaycees Pavilion are expected to open in June, depending on spring rains that, to date, have delayed some aspects of construction.

Arnold Golf Club is open for play 7 days a week, except when inclement weather requires closing of the course. The newly upgraded Pro Shop and refreshment areas are open, and the downstairs social area is open and available for reservations. A clubhouse “grand reopening” ceremony will take place soon.

Financial Allocations

In September 2017 the Arnold City Council budgeted a total of $147,000 to build Archery Park ($60,000), Dog Park ($75,000) and to improve the golf course clubhouse ($12,000).

That amount was supplemented by a $25,000 donation from the Arnold Jaycees and $4,000 from the National Wild Turkey Federation’s local “Long Beards” chapter to help fund improvements.

In addition, the City parks improvement initiative received a $130,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation to help build Archery Park.

Arnold Mayor Ron Counts says, “The City had a vision to improve and expand our outdoor recreation facilities. We took the necessary steps to evaluate our options and allocate funds for park improvements and to implement careful, creative planning. Arnold’s outdoor amenities soon will offer more than ever for families, individuals, and visitors.”

In March 2018, the Arnold City Council voted unanimously to change the name of the City’s Pomme Creek Golf Course to Arnold Golf Club to reflect its substantial improvements as well as its association with the City.

The Clubhouse area has been fully upgraded upstairs and downstairs, making it better equipped to host social gatherings and special events.

For example: The Pro Shop and its refreshment area, a total of 1,700 sq ft, were redesigned, renovated, and repainted. It now features new light fixtures, an attractive gas fireplace and hearth, new wood-panel flooring, and comfortable new leather furniture, as well as new decorations.

In addition to fountain sodas, snacks, hot dogs, and beer, the refreshment area offers four different ales on tap and mixed drinks for sale.

Downstairs, a 700 sq ft social area also has been upgraded and painted, including installation of new ceiling fans. Like the main Clubhouse upstairs, this area will be available for special events and auxiliary activities.

Dickie Brown, Arnold Director of Parks & Recreation, says, “Our municipal golf course is being rebranded, and we expect the clubhouse improvements will appeal to members, guests, and visitors.”

David Crutchley, Deputy Director of Parks & Recreation, adds, “We believe the name Arnold Golf Club will resonate with people in metro St. Louis and attract more golfers that want to play a quality 18-hole course with less expensive fees than other municipal courses in the region.”

Betty Boyer, Pro Shop Manager, says, “The Clubhouse upgrades are really great and we’ve also made improvements to the golf course, such as adding new bunkers and challenges. The downstairs social area at the Clubhouse has lots of appeal for special events, and we plan to improve the patio outside soon to add more space for rentals.”

While frequent rainy days this spring have slowed some aspects of construction and outdoor improvements – such as pouring concrete and asphalt, installing roofs, and building a small bridge – the good news is that the City has been able to reduce anticipated costs by utilizing City employees for aspects of the expansion.

A number of City employees with construction experience have helped build the Farmers Market Jaycees Pavilion, the Dog Park, and manage interior renovations at Arnold Golf Club.

“Since we are not quite done with everything yet, I’m not sure how much money the City has saved by using some of our employees for remodeling, yet I am sure it is a significant amount,” says David Crutchley.

“When we are totally done with building out these new areas and open them to the public, we will begin planning Phase Two of the improvements, which we hope to start later this year or early next year,” Crutchley says.

“Our goal is to add new barbecue pits, new picnic tables, and new restrooms in strategic areas.”

“Arnold’s parks have always been popular recreation areas for local residents and people from out of town – our special events and community celebrations in our parks always attract big crowds,” he says.

“With these new expansions, new features, and improvements, we expect Arnold’s parks will be more popular than ever.”

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