Prop 8¢ for the Library – A Better Library for the Cost of a New Book

JeffCo Library Arnold BranchOn April 4, Jefferson County Library is placing an increase to its operating levy on the ballot to maintain the library branches and improve library services.

Today, Jefferson County Library serves many more people with up-to-date collections and technology that didn’t even exist when the current levy was approved in 1989. The Library has never had a tax increase since that time. In order to serve our growing communities, the library needs to grow the collection of available resources and add services requested by the community.


How would this levy increase affect MY property taxes?

Home Value Addl Monthly Cost Addl Yearly Cost
$75,000 $0.95  $11.40
$100,000 $1.27  $15.20
$150,000 $1.90  $22.80
$200,000 $2.53  $30.40
$250,000 $3.17  $38.00


The average cost of a new hardbound book in 1989 was $13.25 ; in 2016, that cost was $27.

A “YES” vote means

  1. We can meet our building payments and continue regular upkeep.
  2. We can purchase more popular materials our patrons want.
  3. We can add bandwidth to upgrade our internet access.
  4. We can add more eContent and online resources for students, small businesses, job seekers, and family history research.
  5. We can expand efforts to reach out to our community.
  6. We can improve working conditions for our dedicated employees.

A “NO” vote means

  1. We must cut staff, materials, and programs to set aside money to meet our building payments.
  2. We must cut operating hours.
  3. We must delay necessary upkeep.
  4. We must charge cost recovery fees for meeting rooms, programs, and internet access.
  5. We must delay service improvements until the current building debt is paid in full in 2029.
  6. Within 5 years we may need to close and sell one branch to reduce building debt.

Language that will be on the ballot on April 4, 2017

To provide for future maintenance and upkeep of the library facilities, to expand print, media and electronic collections to meet demand, to implement outreach programs and services, to improve technology services, to build partnerships with other educational agencies in the community, and to maintain the financial stability of the Arnold, Windsor and Northwest branches of the Jefferson County Library District, shall the original 1989 tax levy of twenty cents ($0.20) per hundred dollars assessed valuation be increased to twenty eight cents ($0.28) per hundred dollars ($100.00) assessed valuation?

For more information, visit or call 636-677-8689.


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