Spring Flooding Outlook

//Spring Flooding Outlook

At this time the forecasted crest is not anticipated to impact homes in the Arnold city limits. Currently the City is not taking requests for sand or bags, as the crest is not estimated to affect homes. The City will provide updates via our website and Facebook page.

To be further informed, you can check the NOAA website to view the day-by-day hydrograph to keep up-to-date on the cresting of the Meramec and Mississippi Rivers. Here are those links:

Meramec River Hydrograph


Historic Crests*
(1) 47.26 ft on 12/31/2015
(2) 45.62 ft on 05/03/2017
(3) 45.30 ft on 08/01/1993
(4) 43.90 ft on 12/06/1982

*For reference, Convair Dr. begins to be impacted at flood stage elevation 39.5 ft.

Mississippi River Hydrograph


Historic Crests
(1) 49.58 ft on 08/01/1993
(2) 43.23 ft on 04/28/1973
(3) 42.52 ft on 01/01/2016
(4) 42.00 ft on 04/01/1785 (Preliminary, subject to review)
(5) 41.89 ft on 05/22/1995
(6) 41.70 ft on 05/06/2017

Arnold MO Meramec River
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