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Community Foundation Mission: 

To improve the lives of our citizens, to improve our parks and recreation, and to coordinate community beautification projects.

The Arnold Community Foundation was established as an agency of the City to promote the General Welfare by enriching the quality of life for the residents of the City and the surrounding community through promotion of the arts, culture, civic life, seniors, children/youth, health/well-being, and education.

The Arnold Community Foundation Board of Directors consists of seven (7) voting members. Members of the Foundation serve without compensation. Although an agency of the City, all funds raised by the Foundation are used exclusively to carry out the purpose of the Foundation and may not be otherwise directed, used, or appropriated by the City or any agency of the City.

The Foundation encourages grants or gifts from any source not prohibited by law. Grants and gifts may be tax deductible (please check with your individual tax professional to determine whether your gift qualifies for a tax deduction).

Current Members
Ron Counts
Jeromy Fritz
Jerry Geen
Kevin Lashley – Secretary
Mark Loyd
Lloyd Seifert
James Southwick – Chairman
Andrew Sutton – Advisor
Robert Sweeney – Attorney

Council Liaison
Bryan Richison