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The Streets Division of the City of Arnold Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of street pavement, concrete and asphalt curbs, city bridges, subdivision walkways, drainage culverts under roadways, traffic controls signs and pavement markings, public grounds, and trees on public grounds and along the public rights-of-way.

Street maintenance and repair includes patching of deteriorated asphalt pavement, crack filling of asphalt and concrete streets, sealing of bridge decks, routine cleaning of street pavement, removal of dead animals from city streets, snow/ice removal from street pavement and sidewalks adjacent to public buildings and grounds, and removal of dead trees and hazardous limbs on public rights-of-way. Concrete street replacement and asphalt overlays are performed through contract.

We encourage you to report your concerns to the Streets Division by submitting them on our Please Contact Me form.

Arnold Streets Dept

City of Arnold Streets Division
2900 Arnold Tenbrook Road, Arnold, MO 63010
7:00 am – 3:30 pm, Mon – Fri

Charlie Allen
Superintendent of Streets

Winter Storm Policy

Safe driving during winter storm events is important to the City of Arnold. When there is a snowfall, the City’s emergency plans are put into effect by the Department of Public Works Director.
To help you better understand how the City addresses these events, below is the informal policy of the Department of Public Works regarding snow/ice events.
  • Snow removal crews are split into two 12-hour shifts and work those shifts until the winter event is over and streets are clear.
  • The Street Superintendent and each shift foreman are always watching the national weather service and local news forecasters, plus radar, to track winter storm events.
  • During late night / early morning, the Arnold Police Department assists by calling the Street Superintendent to report unpredicted or surprise winter events so snow removal crews can be on the street salting and plowing the roadways as required.
  • Rock salt is extensively used as the City’s de-icing agent.
  • Plowing of City streets begins when snow accumulation is at least 1-inch deep or the salt already spread has not melted the snow from street surfaces.
  • On streets where parking is allowed on both sides, snow plowing services begin only when parked cars have been moved to allow snow plows to get through.
  • City work forces plow approximately 85 miles of centerline streets.
  • The Department of Public Works has a large salt dome capable of storing over 2,500 tons of rock salt for winter snow removal use.
  • Jeffco Blvd. and Highway 141 are maintained by MoDOT and thus are not plowed by the City (except in emergency situations).
  • All private streets and commercial parking lots are plowed by private contractors rather than City work forces.

For more information contact Department of Public Works Assistant Director Tom Palasky or contact the City of Arnold Department of Public Works at 636-282-2386.