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The Building Department, within the Community Development Department, promotes public health, safety, and welfare through the use and occupancy of buildings and administration of building regulations.

Residential and commercial construction permitting in the City of Arnold follows a proscribed process outlined on the following pages.

Residential & Commercial Construction Permitting
Property Maintenance Inspection

How to obtain an Occupancy Permit also is included.

Below are downloads of specific residential construction and remodeling requirements as well as applications for required inspections, licenses, and permits.

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Construction site

City of Arnold Building Department 
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8:00 am – 4:45 pm, Mon – Fri

David B. Bookless, AICP
Community Development Director

Financial Assistance Resources

Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County – First time home buyer program, income-based forgivable loans for certain home rehabilitation projects, sewer replacement, public sewer tap-on fee assistance, and more.

Ameren Missouri – Energy efficiency programs including rebates, discounted products, etc.

Disability Resource Association – Home modifications, ramps, lifts, social services, and more.



A permit is required if the shed is over 200 square feet. Further, if the shed is over 120 square feet a permit is not required but it does have to meet the setbacks from the property line. Most often the setbacks are 15 feet from the rear, and 8 feet from the side property lines.
The fee is based on the cost of construction. The fee is due at the time of application and plan submittal.
If the exposed face of the wall is over 3 feet in height a permit is required.
Yes, new codes have been adopted since the old deck was built and the distance to property lines (setbacks) may not be correct for the old deck.
Yes. Anyone that does work in the City of Arnold needs to apply for a business license with our City Clerk’s Office. There is an application; fee and they will require proof of insurance. If you are an electrician, plumber or drain layer, you will also need to get you specialty license with the city. This would require an application, copy of an existing license, fee and a $5,000 surety bond to the City of Arnold.
We can direct you to the proper FEMA map to identify your property. We will provide additional amendments or revisions that are not represented on the FEMA map. If you need to make any applications with FEMA we direct you to the appropriated applications and private agencies to assist you.
An existing structure inspection is required if a house is to be sold or a new tenant is moving in. There is an application to fill out and a $50.00 fee.
Yes. Anytime a new resident or tenant moves into a property, an occupancy permit is required. There is no fee for an occupancy permit.