Aging & Disabilities

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The City of Arnold is committed to serving our senior citizens and citizens with disabilities.

Our Commission on Aging & Disabilities was established to address the needs of the city’s senior residents and residents who have disabilities. It is the mission of the Arnold Commission on Aging & Disabilities to promote full participation in the community and in the home, without barriers. As such, the Commission works to:

  • Increase awareness of available programs and services
  • Guide organizations to engage in beneficial, joint endeavors to improve full community participation
  • Eliminate or actively reduce physical and attitudinal barriers to community access
  • Provide an open forum for discussion of all issues impacting quality of life for senior residents and residents with disabilities

The Commission appointments include

  • A representative from the Arnold City Council
  • A representative from an organization that serves people with disabilities in the community
  • A representative from an organization that serves the senior population of the community
  • A member from the senior population of the community
  • A member from the community with a disability
  • An at-large member
  • A member from each of the four wards of the city
  • A representative from City staff

Current Members
Jessica Crawford
James Henson
Christin Hovis
Bill Knittig
Richard Kraus
Linda Meader
Glennon Overkamp
Margaret Ellen Spray

Council Liaison
Mark Hood

Values & Objectives

Everyone, regardless of age or disability

  • Is treated with dignity and respect,
  • Is a valued member of their family and the Arnold community,
  • Makes their own choices,
  • Has opportunity to establish and grow interpersonal relationships, and
  • Is accepted and included to the best of their ability in the educational, employment, housing, and social opportunities of the community.

For more information, use our Please Contact Me form.

Utility Rebates

During the months of October and April only of each year, City of Arnold senior citizens and adults with disabilities can apply for a City of Arnold Utility Rebate.

Download and complete an application during the months of October and April only. Then deliver your completed application in person to the City Clerk’s office at 2101 Jeffco Blvd.

Please visit the Senior/Disabled Utility Rebate page for eligibility requirements.

Special Address Entry Request

To make a Special Address Entry Request, please download and complete this form and fax or bring it to the City of Arnold Police Department.


Agencies in the St. Louis region offer help and direction to aging and/or disabled citizens. Agency names below that are followed by an “A” indicate the agency offers services for the Aging. A “D” indicates the agency offers services for Disabilities.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services / Missouri Ombudsman (A,D)
573‐751‐6400; 573‐526‐0727; or 1‐800‐309‐3282

St. Louis Regional Office Jefferson County (D)

Social Security Administration (A,D)
1/800‐772‐1213; TTY: 1‐800‐325‐0778

United Way (A,D)
Dial 2‐1‐1 or 1‐800‐427‐4626
TTY: 1‐866‐385‐6525

Veterans Administration (A,D)

24-Hour Crisis Line 636‐931‐2700
After hours 1‐800‐811‐4760

Disability Resource Association (A,D)
636‐931‐7696; TTY: 636‐937‐7016

Jefferson County Community Partnership (A,D)

Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Resource Board (D)
636‐282‐4400 or 636‐933‐0244

Aging Ahead (A)