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The City of Arnold Comprehensive Plan

Missouri law delegates authority to City governments to regulate land uses within City limits. At present, cities do not have control over land use or subdivision of land outside their corporate boundaries. Because there is continued growth in the Arnold area, coordination between the County, City and other governmental agencies can result in better management of development. Clear and consistent plans and standards will successfully manage growth and development.

The City of Arnold Comprehensive Plan (“the Plan”), enacted in 2011, is a practical and visionary road map expressing Arnold’s values and vision for 20 years. The Plan makes basic policy choices and provides a flexible framework for adapting to real conditions over time.

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David B. Bookless, AICP
Community Development Director

Community input has established the goals and policies the City will use to guide future decisions about how much growth Arnold should take and where it should be located. The building blocks of the Plan include “frameworks” such as: land use, transportation, neighborhoods, open space, and infrastructure. The Plan also serves as a bridge through time, spanning different City Councils and administrations. It is intended to be both far-sighted and continually updated to reflect change in conditions. In short, the Plan is a guide for managing change.


The purpose of this Plan is to determine a future vision that establishes a balance of the interests and needs of area residents, businesses, guests, and visitors; and guides development and improvements in the area to offer a wider and more diverse range of residential and commercial development opportunities, including

• Open Space and Public Places
• Neighborhood Development
• Community Streets
• Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation
• Environmental Management
• Stormwater Management
• Site Planning
• Architectural Character
• Landscape Design

Read more by downloading the City of Arnold Comprehensive Plan and Hometown Plan.