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Arnold Recreation Center has three individual Meeting/Banquet rooms available for rental by Arnold residents and non-residents.

The three meeting/banquet rooms are adjacent to one another and can be combined into two or three rooms to accommodate approximately 225 guests. Each room can accommodate up to 64 persons and has a specific table set-up. Individual room set-up during business hours.

All rentals are on a first come, first served basis that can be booked up to 364 days in advance of the rental date. A 2-hour minimum rental is required for all meeting rooms. A daily fee is required to use the facility.

To rent the meeting rooms, please contact us at 636-282-2380 or stop in to see us at the Front Desk during normal operating hours.

Rec Center Meeting Room 2

Deposit and Cleaning/Set Up Fees

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2019, an additional $150 Deposit Fee is required for all Meeting Room Rentals. The deposit can be paid 30 days prior to the rental date or at time of booking. This deposit fee will be refundable pending satisfactory status of rental area. In addition, a non-refundable Cleaning/Set Up fee of $25 is required and due at time of booking.

Meeting Room 1

8 rectangular tables with 8 chairs at each + 3 additional rectangular tables

Meeting Rooms 2 & 3

8 round tables each with 8 chairs at each + 3 additional rectangular tables

Rental Fees* **
Resident Non-Resident
1 Room $35 $45
2 Rooms $70 $90
3 Rooms $105 $135
* Fees are per hour per room during business hours only.
** Any rental ongoing after Arnold Rec Center closes will be charged $25 per hour additional to the room cost.

Arnold Rec Center has equipment available for rent at additional cost, including a sound system, TV/DVD, and dance floor. Contact the Front Desk Staff at 636-282-2380 for pricing.